Founder and Chief Officers Report

I would like to extend heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been part of our incredible journey so far – and part of my own personal journey in my first full year as CEO.
These are very exciting and busy times at Beyond Limits. We have reflected on the achievements of our organisation and we are recognising our many accomplishments.
Beyond Limits is a place where exceptional things happen for such a small charity. This year countless conversations spark new ideas that we pursued with eagerness, propelling us into new territory and allowing us to serve more people than expected which has been over 3000 people that have been helped from diverse as feeding the homeless to pampering ladies at an event
I am delighted that our main facilities in the grounds are now operational and our service users are truly grateful for being given the chance of using them.
A huge thanks go to the trustees for their support and counsel, also to our volunteers and personal donors who every day invest time, talent and personal treasures to ensure that Beyond Limits will not only sustain this growth but will also continue to implement innovative partnerships and solutions to address the complex needs of our families.
We will continue on the road of ensuring that our day-to-day operations are operating efficiently, that we are staying true to our vision, mission and core values. We believe that everyone has the potential and strength to overcome difficult life circumstances and to accomplish goals that will lead to an enhanced quality of life.
Over the next five years, we will continue to pitch our aims at ambitious levels. We will strengthen our existing partnerships and we look forward to collaborating with new partners to reach even more people in need.

The Trustee Board

Beyond Limits originally had a Trustee Board of 4 people, each bringing their own area of expertise and experience.

Linzi Nicholls – A trustee who is an experienced trainer who has worked with disadvantaged families and individuals for 3 years who has knowledge and experience in money management, employment skills and dietary advice.

Malcolm Wheldon – A gentleman who for 50 years worked as a successful self-employed garden designer who has been a volunteer dedicating his time to for the poor and disadvantaged for several years. His knowledge around the landscaping and gardens will be an asset to the charity given the need to utilise the Farm grounds for the Charities use.

Pauline Chambers – A former chief executive of a fairly large voluntary advice sector charity with 23 years’ experience in Governance, Human Resources, Strategic Planning, Business Development and Fundraising who was so excited by the work Beyond Limits wants to achieve and difference it can make to people’s lives that she was thrilled to be asked to become a trustee.

Camilla Shergold – A trustee who has many years’ experience in the teaching field who can offer advice on all aspects relating to our teaching programs which are invaluable. Her experience of working with those living in poverty and disadvantaged communities is also particularly useful; this is especially so during the strategic planning process.

Ernest Malt is the Charities most recent Trustee – Ernie joined the Board in August 2016. Ernie has been involved in a number of organisation spanning 30 years, he has experience of organising conferences and fundraising events and running community groups. He has 30 years’ experience as a grief and loss counsellor and works with people with mental health issues. He currently works with vulnerable and needy people in society, working alongside other leaders working in this field.


The charity also holds give away events with goods received from Giving World Online. 190 Adults and 570 children have benefitted from help received from these events.
The work relieving the effects of poverty and deprivation has only been possible as a result of working with FareShare, In Kind Direct, His Food & Giving World Online. We would also like to thank the Souter Trust making a contribution to the cost of purchasing food as well as the County Durham Community Foundation Surviving Winter Campaign for their grant to purchase extra food, blankets and heat pads. An additional 286 people were helped over the winter as a result of this grant.

Service to our clients

Excellence – In every area that we do, including our programmes, facilities, communications and work we strive for excellence in all that we do

Integrity – We’d like to be an example to our service users, donors, volunteers and community in maintaining the highest levels of integrity and safety in all that we do

Recreation and fun – This is essential to a positive experience. We will seek to create a fun experience for all our visitors

Solitude – We value the importance of getting away from the distractions of life and so we strive to provide peaceful settings where people can find a haven of tranquillity.

Our achievements

Beyond limits has helped a number of people over the last 12 months in a variety of way, some were planned and others have been developed based on actual service user need. 227 adults and 735 children have been helped by our provision of food hampers.
As of the beginning of January 2017 Beyond Limits have provided food for those in the area who are homeless. From the beginning of January until the end of March 2017 food for 845 meals has been distributed to those who are currently homeless and living on the streets.
Beyond limits have discovered that service users are often found to have other needs to the one they may initially present with. Some beneficiaries need more than just food, particularly where they have been struggling for a prolonged period. To combat this, need our beneficiaries have also been given a household back which contains all the essential items needed to keep them, their family and their home clean and hygienic. A small number of families have also needed help with essential items for a new baby. 181 people have been offered a household pack in the past 12 months and a further 4 families have received a baby pack. Beyond limits also distributed 10 free clothes packs.
The charity has begun to hold sessions at the farm to encourage service users and volunteers to take up new hobbies. As money is tight for most of our service users these sessions are all free of charge with everything provided. 15 adults & 7 children have taken part in craft classes and they were appreciated and welcomed by those taking part.
Isolation is common in those who live in poverty and we try to encourage service users to get involved in any activities they think they might enjoy. Beneficiaries have told us that their mental health has improved since accessing Beyond Limits and the Founder has already received from a local GP practice wanting to know more about the Charity due to patients reporting substantial improvement in their health.

Beyond Limits also offered a free pamper session to beneficiaries who were in need of a little bit of special care and attention after going through a hard time recently. In total 13 people were given this special treat and all thoroughly the experience. Four Beauty Therapist gave up their time for free on the day and we would like to thank them for their time.

In the run-up to Valentine’s Day 2017, Beyond Limits notified its followers on Facebook that they were offering a Valentine’s Day treat is for one very special couple that has gone through some really tough times. The lucky couple were greeted and shown to their seats where they enjoyed a four-course meal and drinks of their choice. The couple went home with a gift to remind them of their evening together. Followers were asked to inbox if they would like to be considered and the Charity Founder chose a winner.

Another special event offered by the charity was a special Afternoon Tea and four lucky service users were treated like VIPs when they attended to take their tea.

The charity believes that all people should feel cherished and cared for during their lives and if the charity can achieve this from time to time then they should do so. Special treats like this are not possible for the people who use our service and so being able to make someone feel special and valued can have a lasting effect on their lives as they feel more positive about what life has to offer them.