Barbara’s story

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Over Barbara’s lifetime she has faced many challenges, whilst doing her very best for others. Sadly, she has lost two homes and her family have suffered many other tragedies which devastatingly resulted in a son being murdered, a daughter passing away due to illness and, more recently a housefire, where her grandson suffered 85% burns. Barbara also suffers many illnesses herself which are a result of the trauma she has been through.

Recently we decided to treat Barbara to a retreat. It was a completely new experience for her and she loved it! Barbara told us she felt relaxed in being able to escape everyday realities for a while. It boosted her morale and made her feel uplifted to the point she had butterflies. We simply gave her the chance to be looked after for a change and she left her stay with us with a huge smile on her face. Barbara also went home with a food hamper from our emergency food cupboards

Barbara said: “Beyond Limits have been there for me ever since the fire. My life was a total struggle. I am a pensioner and haven’t slept in my bed for years for fear that something else bad will happen.

With your help, I now have the confidence to go out and socialise and feel more at peace. I also have access to healthy, balanced meals because of the food parcels I have been sent, whilst I get back on my feet. I can’t thank you all enough for being there in my hour of need”.

We have taken Barbara on a journey to recovery. From helping her refurbish her new home after the fire to emergency aid and social events, to now the current day, we’ve been there for her every step of the way.