Volunteering for Beyond Limits

We believe that there is no kinder act than to help someone less fortunate than ourselves.


Every day our volunteers spread seeds of hope and kindness to people accessing our services.

We always make sure our volunteering opportunities are fun, flexible and tailored to suit individual needs. We currently have 75+ incredible volunteers but we are always on the lookout for more support. It's our volunteers' generosity that makes our work possible and allows us to help as many people as we do.

We see our volunteers as valuable members of the team and our commitments to them are as follows:

  1. You’ll receive continuous training and support. 

  2. Be part of a small but vibrant team. 

  3. Receive travel expenses, free meals, refreshments and uniforms. 

  4. One day a month we treat our volunteers to a Recharge Day such as a pamper day or a photo session, accompanied by delicious food and refreshments. Many of our volunteers are ex-service users and still have limited income so we like to recognise and reward their loyalty and hard work.

  5. You’ll feel great for contributing something so meaningful through the charity. 

  6. You’ll give something back to your local community 

  7. We guarantee rewarding work experience, which will look great on your CV and we’ll provide you with a reference afterwards too.



Tim and Alice

We first encountered the charity Beyond Limits as service users in July 2017. I’ll always remember pulling up to Ken & Susan’s beautiful farm, with gardens and trees and such a lovely sense of peace of serenity, which helped ease the nerves or worry we were both feeling.

During the following two years, there were many occasions where we leant on their shoulder in times of financial difficulty, starting with their free emergency food parcels, and then their wonderful events. I suffer from complex mental health issues, including agoraphobia, so I was initially very apprehensive to attend their Summer Fete. I was so scared on the day but both Tim, my lovely partner and carer, and I attended. It was the first social outing we’d attended together in years. We had a wonderful time and it marked a very important step forward for us.

In the run-up to their Christmas event in 2019, Beyond Limits posted on their website that they were looking for help to support families going through trauma. I had always dreaded Christmas as it was a time of great sadness not getting to see my two youngest children, but I found the courage to attend the event. It was a penny drop moment for me that completely changed my perspective of Christmas, from being a time to grieve into a time to give. The experience also helped me looking more outward into the world and other people’s needs instead of being locked in my own pain.

My partner started volunteering by putting together Food Parcels. It was so rewarding for him and, despite not being able to help myself on account of my regular seizures, I felt proud that we were contributing and fast becoming valued and welcome members of the Beyond Limits family.

Beyond Limits needed support and volunteers more than ever during COVID 19. They were distributing a record amount of food, care and cleaning packs to the needy and those shielding. My partner stepped in to sort through website posts listing all the people in need, people offering any sort of support from food packers to drivers, to ensure nothing was missed.

I was finally able to join Tim once a week with emergency care and food packages and he would deliver them to people’s homes. Volunteering was a revelation to me. Despite the scary circumstances and the stringent need for social distancing, it bought unity, laughter, and a sense of belonging. Helping others is very self-fulfilling but becoming part of the Beyond Limits family has enriched my life beyond words. I’m no longer shy away in the house, I think of others needs and try to help to the best of my ability.

So, whatever your situation or health condition there is a place for everyone and the way we can all contribute. My health condition means I am able to attend occasionally but my help is always met with genuine gratitude. I call out to you all to consider volunteering. It has changed our lives and is the most rewarding thing I’ve achieved. Beyond that, you build strong bonds through mutual enthusiasm, caring for each other and our surrounding community.

Linda Morris

When my husband Neville died I felt lost and looked for something to fill my lonely days. I came across the Beyond Limits Facebook page where I read about a music course they were hosting and asked to join in. I now support the charity with their emergency food parcel distribution and haven’t looked back since.

I’m always on hand to help at the charity events in Ken & Susan’s beautiful barn. Events happen all year round, but I especially love their garden parties and Winter Wonderland at Christmas, including a special visit from Father Christmas who brings presents for all the children.

I volunteer at Beyond Limits a couple of days a week and more in the run-up to special events. My sister also comes and helps out.  Since COVID 19 I have had to self isolate due to my age but I have been able to start making face masks, which I have since donated to Beyond Limits. I was in touch throughout lockdown and thankfully I have now been able to return to help once again.

Michelle Marquis

I lived in Spain until I was 17 and then came to live in London. I have done various jobs during my time in the UK from being a sewing machinist to support worker for adults with mental health issues. I am now a school cook at a local primary school and have been for 14 years.

I first came across Beyond Limits through their youth group. My son has ASD so I signed him up to try to help him make new friends and build his confidence. The charity also helped me out when I needed support. I fell in love with the place straight away and wanted to give back in helping others too. I was able to volunteer a lot more when I was put on furlough, opting to help as much as I could rather than just staying at home. The care packages and food parcels have been invaluable to those who needed it most, especially those who are sick and shielding.

It’s such a rewarding feeling being able to help others. It makes me grateful for what I have and what I can give. You see that even the smallest things can help. It’s a great experience and I’ve made some of the best friends along the way too. The experience of helping my local community in this way has undoubtedly helped me both mentally and spiritually.

Kathy Burrage

Volunteer for Beyond Limits. What could be better than working with like-minded people, meeting, supporting and listening to others in the community? 

I am committed to working hard and offering emergency aid. In return I enjoy fun, friendship, food, training, pamper days, special events, dinners, dances, running Christmas, Easter and Summer specials. It’s been so worthwhile.

Why not come and join us?