Winter Wonderland 2020

Here at Beyond Limits we want to make sure everyone gets the chance to meet Santa and experience the magic of Christmas.  Yes, things were a little different this year, and Santa and the elves had to work harder than ever to make sure everyone was safe, but that didn't stop them from spreading Christmas Cheer.



Some of Santa's friends were there at the entrance to welcome everyone as they arrived.  They were also very good gate keepers, making sure everyone was safe and well.

Lights, Camera Action!

Our eager visitors didn't have to wait till their turn to be inside to start the Christmas fun.  There were lights and music making sure the air was full of Christmas Spirit!


Santa's Grotto

Christmas Team With Presents.jpg

Once inside our very special visitors got a sneak peek into Santa's world, finding him at work with his very patient Elves!  As a thank you for keeping his secrets and being very good all year, everyone got a gift.


Thank you  for coming everyone, and we will see you all next year!