Marie's Story

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

By some miracle, I came across Beyond Limits whilst I was bed ridden for 18 months following a life-threatening car accident.

I was on a life support machine, I had fractured my spine, and had serious head trauma. Depression began to set in as I contemplated my new life, wondering whether I would have been better off not surviving at all. I felt selfish, especially because I have 2 beautiful girls, but I had totally lost all faith in everyone.

I was penniless, I felt alone and had very little clarity or hope for a better future. That’s when I came across Susan, who was a breath of fresh air. She made me feel whole again and not a broken shell of a person that I felt I was. At the beginning I was so scared to ask for her help. I felt anxious and ashamed.

I particularly dreaded that first meeting because I thought I would have to dredge up the multitudes of pain from the past, but it wasn't like that. Susan’s kind nature and welcoming presence put me at ease immediately. I was given a food parcel and steps were made to book in my next visit.

The support since then has been breath-taking and even my youngest has had invitations to parties and pantomimes. The hardest step is reaching out, but it's the best feeling to know problems can be fixed and are never as bad as we think! I can't thank Susan & the amazing Beyond Limits team enough for making me feel myself again.

They gave me the courage to ask for help without feeling ashamed. My advice would be don't suffer in silence. You may feel lonely now but if you reach out, you will receive the greatest gift of new friends who are there for you and can help you to love life again.