Kevin's Story

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

When my wife left our family home I brought up our two children in a safe environment. It was tough in those days as it wasn’t considered the ‘norm’ for a man to look after his children. In addition to this I battled with depression because of my wife’s betrayal and the majority of the time I felt alone.

When my children left the family home I had numerous jobs but with being blind in one eye and partially sighted in the other I found it difficult to secure long term employment so I decided to help out in the community when I could. Although I did support the community I was incredibly withdrawn as my father always said that I shouldn’t talk unless I was spoken to and to be honest most people didn’t speak so I thought that was that

One of the people in the community that I helped recommended I volunteer at Beyond Limits, I said I would give it a go so he took me along to see if I fit in. The first day I didn’t speak to anyone but said I would volunteer for two days a week. I used to go home thinking of how much I enjoyed it and slowly I started to come out of my shell. People commented on how happy I looked, I was smiling and even singing again. People who I had known for years said they didn’t even recognise me!

The two days a week volunteering turned into five, and I even help at special events over the weekends. I am actually healthier now as I eat wholesome meals whilst I am there which is a massive bonus as I have type 2 diabetes.

Recently I was awarded the Overcomer of the Year and I just burst into tears but these were tears of joy!

I am not saying life is perfect but I do know that I am making a positive difference to people’s lives and that I am not alone. I feel valued and cared for at Beyond Limits and that is priceless.