Rachel's Story

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

I moved around a lot as a child until I eventually left children’s homes. Life was unsettling and didn’t get any easier. I went on to have seven children and, at one point, was made homeless by horrendous domestic abuse. Sadly, even my Mum refused to take me in, so sleeping rough was my last and only option. I felt betrayed and very lonely!

Life was horrible as I fought to get back on my feet financially. We couldn’t afford anything our first Christmas; not a single decoration, and we sold what we could just to put food on the table. Things gradually got worse, following multiple illnesses that prevented me from working. My partner Gareth and I started to argue on a regular basis. Eventually we lost our home and our relationship broke down. I was totally desperate.

I heard about Beyond Limits and got in touch to explain my situation. They were wonderful! I wasn’t judged in any way. They were so friendly and I felt welcomed immediately. They helped me with much needed food parcels and invited me to their events, where I could meet other people in similar situations.

Thankfully Gareth and I have worked through our differences and we are now married. We have a lovely home and I’m not so quiet and withdrawn as I was. I’ve changed for the better because of Beyond Limits. They have restored my faith in humanity and I can now see a brighter future ahead.

We’d like to encourage others who are struggling to take the plunge and get the help they need. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of help to make a big difference.