Rachel’s Story

From being abused to being an overcomer

I haven’t had an easy life! In my early years I was brought up in lots of children’s homes feeling I was being pushed from ‘pillar to post’. When I eventually left the children’s homes things were still very tough. I went on to have seven children and at one point in my life I was made homeless by horrendous domestic abuse. I ended up sleeping rough for a time, even my mum refused to take me in. I asked her if I could just sleep on her floor but she said no! I asked if she could lend me a £1 but was told she’d only got her bingo money. I felt betrayed, completely destitute and very lonely!

Life was horrible and as I fought to get back on my feet with my children I continued to struggle financially.
Our first Christmas together; we couldn’t get anything, not even one decoration and we needed to sell whatever we could just to put food on the table.
Things gradually got worse, I have multiple illnesses that prevented me from working. My new partner Gareth and I started to argue on a regular basis, eventually we lost our home and our relationship broke down. I was totally desperate.

I heard about Beyond Limits and about food parcels they offered to people who were going through tough times so I got in touch with them and explained my situation.

They were wonderful! I wasn’t judged in any way and they accepted me just as I am. They are so friendly and I felt welcomed.
They helped me with a much needed food parcel and even invited me to a social event where I could meet other people in similar situations. I actually made some friends.
They managed to lighten the burdens I was struggling with.
Thankfully Gareth and I have worked through our differences and we are hoping to get married soon.

Life has taken other turns for the better; we now live in a bungalow, which is better for my health. I’ve come out of my shell more; I’m not so quiet and withdrawn as I was. I’m chilled and relaxed and I don’t have to worry.

Beyond Limits has put my faith back into humanity. Gareth and I don’t give up so easily and we have hope for a better future.
We’d like to encourage others who are struggling to take the plunge and get the help they need. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of help to make a big difference.

Jayne’s Story

A couple of years ago the bottom fell out of my world. Some terrible stuff happened when I was younger and it had a massive impact on my life as the years went by.

I found I couldn’t cope and my depression started to spiral out of control, I was lonely and it was a very dark place to be in. I would move from house-to-house as I was never really settled. I’d stay in the new house for a few months and then I would literally try and find a new place to live in, it was chaos! I started to drink on a casual basis but it soon lead into deeper things with drugs and heavy drinking and also self-harming and eventually, a prison sentence followed. I felt worthless and useless and felt I could never do anything right.

I started to lose everything that I held dearly in my heart including my children, I fell in a pit and tried desperately to get out of it but on my own it all seemed impossible.

I was advised to go and retreat at Beyond Limits to get the support I so desperately needed. I didn’t really think that they could make a difference in my life however through my recovery I now know that is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Whilst I was there I felt relaxed, very peaceful and I didn’t want to go home. I was proper spoilt and I couldn’t stop smiling. I’d like to help raise some funds to help others to have the break I had.

Val’s Story

Hi my name is Val
Over the years I have had an extremely difficult time in many of areas of my life.
Recently I started to go down hill and thankfully I was invited to stay at the farm by the charity Beyond Limits. It was so good to be able to relax and enjoy the good company. It gave me the space and time to reflect on things and to think about where my life is going. I am so very grateful to all of you that sponsored my special time there

Lizzie’s Story

I came from a very troubled background and through no fault of my own I found myself homeless. I use to self-harm and drink alcohol excessively to try and suppress the pain deep inside of me. Thankfully I started to get the support I so badly needed and started to rebuild my shattered life. I met Susan who is the founder of Beyond Limits a few years ago and she invited me to a retreat with Jayden. We both had an incredible time there where we felt cared for and valued. I had so much fun and can’t wait to come back.

I’m a different person now and I know I come through stronger. My confidence has grown and I feel so much happier.

Thank you to all of you that have helped us along our journey.