The Trustee Board

Beyond Limits originally had a Trustee Board of 4 people, each bringing their own area of expertise and experience.

Linzi Nicholls – A trustee who is an experienced trainer who has worked with disadvantaged families and individuals for 3 years who has knowledge and experience in money management, employment skills and dietary advice.

Malcolm Wheldon – A gentleman who for 50 years worked as a successful self-employed garden designer who has been a volunteer dedicating his time to for the poor and disadvantaged for several years. His knowledge around the landscaping and gardens will be an asset to the charity given the need to utilise the Farm grounds for the Charities use.

Pauline Chambers – A former chief executive of a fairly large voluntary advice sector charity with 23 years’ experience in Governance, Human Resources, Strategic Planning, Business Development and Fundraising who was so excited by the work Beyond Limits wants to achieve and difference it can make to people’s lives that she was thrilled to be asked to become a trustee.

Camilla Shergold – A trustee who has many years’ experience in the teaching field who can offer advice on all aspects relating to our teaching programs which are invaluable. Her experience of working with those living in poverty and disadvantaged communities is also particularly useful; this is especially so during the strategic planning process.

Ernest Malt is the Charities most recent Trustee – Ernie joined the Board in August 2016. Ernie has been involved in a number of organisation spanning 30 years, he has experience of organising conferences and fundraising events and running community groups. He has 30 years’ experience as a grief and loss counsellor and works with people with mental health issues. He currently works with vulnerable and needy people in society, working alongside other leaders working in this field.

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