Founder and Chief Officers Report

I would like to extend heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been part of our incredible journey so far – and part of my own personal journey in my first full year as CEO.
These are very exciting and busy times at Beyond Limits. We have reflected on the achievements of our organisation and we are recognising our many accomplishments.
Beyond Limits is a place where exceptional things happen for such a small charity. This year countless conversations spark new ideas that we pursued with eagerness, propelling us into new territory and allowing us to serve more people than expected which has been over 3000 people that have been helped from diverse as feeding the homeless to pampering ladies at an event
I am delighted that our main facilities in the grounds are now operational and our service users are truly grateful for being given the chance of using them.
A huge thanks go to the trustees for their support and counsel, also to our volunteers and personal donors who every day invest time, talent and personal treasures to ensure that Beyond Limits will not only sustain this growth but will also continue to implement innovative partnerships and solutions to address the complex needs of our families.
We will continue on the road of ensuring that our day-to-day operations are operating efficiently, that we are staying true to our vision, mission and core values. We believe that everyone has the potential and strength to overcome difficult life circumstances and to accomplish goals that will lead to an enhanced quality of life.
Over the next five years, we will continue to pitch our aims at ambitious levels. We will strengthen our existing partnerships and we look forward to collaborating with new partners to reach even more people in need.

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